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German Letters

Use these charts to help you interpret Old German handwriting.

These pages contain images of original & may take extra time to load.

German surnames ending with "in" (i.e.: Reibelin) may be a feminine suffix of original surname (i.e.: Reibel).
His middle name doesn't start with "X"!
"X", "U", "O" & other symbols in a person's name may actually be a person's "mark." 
A mark was used when a person was not able to sign their own name due to illiteracy, illness, etc.
Another individual wrote the person's name for them (spelled as it sounded to them).  This may have resulted in errors!
Po-ta-to, Po-to-to ... To-ma-to, To-mo-to
Spelling was not a vital element until modern day.  Don't fuss if Uncle Job's last name is spelled differently!
If you do find a new or different spelling, it may just open a few doors in your research!


Lower Case German Letters
Upper Case German Letters


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