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Ribble Genealogy

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Reibel, Reibelin, Reible, Ribbel, Rieble, Rubel, Ruble.

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"Pink" is a type of ship.

Did you know that it is a German custom to go by your middle name.  Also, females typically added "in" to their last names.  Therefore, "Anna Maria Ribble" may also have been known as, "Maria Ribblin".

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About Johann Georg Riebell

Georg was born around 1710.  He immigrated to Colonial Philadelphia with his wife, Anna Eva, & one year old Maria Barbara on 29 Sep 1733.  They removed to Knowlton, Sussex (now Warren) County, NJ where George died in 1763.  His wife, Anne Eve, most likely survived him as she is mentioned in his will.  The fate of Maria Barbara is undocumented after her 1733 arrival.  Georg & Anna had at least three other children; Anthony, William, & Capt. Jonathan George.

How I'm Related To Johann Georg Ribble (Updated 06 Jun 2010)

Johann Georg Ribble (Anna Eva ?Sebring): 6th Great grandparents of Kelly, 5th for Jim

Notes: German surnames ending with "in" are often a feminine suffix of original surname (i.e.: Reibel=Reibelin).  'X', 'O' & other symbols may actually be a person's "mark" (used when a person could not sign their name do to illiteracy or illness).  Also, accuracy of spelling is a MODERN issue.  Don't fuss if Uncle Job's last name is spelled differently than Grandpa William or if you find Grandpa William's name was spelled differently of separate occasions.  This was most likely due to their error or the error in translation!  If you find a new or different spelling embrace it.  It may just open a few doors in your research!

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